Harborfields Soccer Club


Updated Tuesday August 25, 2015 by Harborfields Soccer Club.

Our Intramural Program:

Our Intramural Program is comprised of a "Micro" Program made from "Pre-K" and "K" age players and a "Macro" Program made from 1st, 2nd, "Street Soccer" from 3rd and 4th grade players. (Third graders may request to play in the macro group as long as they are age appropriate, email sue for details) We offer Skills Academy training on Monday evenings for all intramural players.

Our Micro Program plays on Sundays at 9:30am.  Games are a 3 vs 3 "round robin" format.  The games are preceded by 30 minutes of professional skills training. Micro players are automatically enrolled in the Monday professional skills academy program free of charge.

Our Macro Program plays on Sundays at 10:30am.  The format is 6 vs 6 and "team" concept is introduced.  Games are (4) 12-minute quarters and no standings are kept.  Players are assigned to specific teams and goalkeepers are used.  Players will practice once a week with their teams and receive professional skills academy training for free once a week. We compete against our own Intramural teams and Intramural teams from Kings Park for some added competition.

Not ready for Travel try "Street Soccer”.  Play on Sundays. No formal teams. Receive free professional skills academy training. Travel between TJL and Kings Park.